Knoxville: A Pictorial History

Does Knoxville, Tennessee = UT?

Knoxville, Tennessee, was founded in 1791. The earliest incarnation of The University of Tennessee was 1794 (as Blount College). The two have been closely linked since the beginning, but Knoxville: A Pictorial History shows that there is more to Knoxville than UT.

knoxville-a-pictorial-history leftknoxville-a-pictorial-history right

To read pages from this book, click the links below.

  • Publication: Knoxville: A Pictorial History, 1978, The Donning Company / Publishers, Inc., Norfolk, Virginia, 192 pages
  • Contents: Knoxville history told in photographs from 1790 to 1978
  • Published in paperback with an additional 1,000 cloth bound copies printed as a promotional item to commemorate the opening of First Tennessee Bank in Knoxville

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